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We offer the production of custom-made candles for other companies.

The packaging, appearance, fragrance, colour or shape of the candles can be adapted to your wishes.

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For candles in the container, you can choose from our standard fragrances (spring, summer, autumn and winter). If you are not familiar with our scents, we can send you samples to help you with your decision.


Type, size and color

All types of products in our offer can be produced as business gifts. Container candles can be produced in different sizes based on your wishes. If you prefer decorative candles the colour of the wax can be chosen from a wide range of pigments we offer.



Stickers and labels can be designed to incorporate your logo into the packaging. Individual dedications can be added if desired.


Custom design

We offer to design and manufacture silicone moulds for candles. As with Bow candles, the brand's trademark - logo/text - can be incorporated into the overall shape of the candle.

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