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Custom silicone moulds

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We offer the design and manufacture of silicone moulds with a 3D printer for companies and individuals. More sophisticated models can be made from milled positives.

The prices are informative, for an exact offer, write to us at or fill out the form below.

3D design

If you already have a 3D model, you can send it to us for preview, if you don't have a 3D model, we can design it for you. Your 3D model is printed once and can be used to produce multiple silicones. Any changes to the design after it has been printed will incur an additional design fee.

/ from 40€+VAT 



Depending on the complexity of the model, we suggest different approaches and procedures for mold design. Less demanding models are printed with a 3D printer (PLA/resin), with which we guarantee the lowest price and speed of production. Size is limited to 15x15x15cm. More sophisticated models can be made from milled positives where there's no size limit.

/ 3D print + 1x silicone 5x5x5cm - 70€+VAT

/ 3D print + 1x silicone 10x10x10cm - 90€+VAT

/ 3D print + 1x silicone 15x15x15cm - 120€+VAT


Silicone mould

Our moulds are mixed, poured and trimmed by hand, so minor external imperfections may be visible. However, these imperfections will not affect the appearance of your finished product. Multiple silicone moulds of the same shape can be produced. 

/ each additional silicone mould 5x5x5cm - 30€+VAT

/ each additional silicone mould 10x10x10cm - 40€+VAT

/ each additional silicone mould 15x15x15cm - 50€+VAT

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